What is Family Missions Company?

FMC is a 501c3 non-profit made up of lay Catholic missionaries. Their mission is to preach the gospel and serve the poorest of the poor in all corners of the world. Currently FMC has over 300 missionaries in 11 different countries including Haiti, Peru, Mexico, and various parts of Asia. Their website can be found here.

What is FMC doing now?

The mission of FMC is to preach the gospel and serve the poor which is being carried out all over the world! The beauty of this mission is that it provides flexibility in allowing the people living at a post to use their specific gifts to serve which can be done in many different ways:

In Haiti, missionaries are visiting the sick and homebound, hiking to chapels to visit those in extreme poverty, and helping with a catechesis and crafts program for kids.

In Peru, missionaries are building chapels, visiting the sick, elderly, and handicapped, celebrating mass, and preaching the gospel to those in the village. The San Martin region located in the Amazon Basin currently only has a few missionary priests to serve over 300 pueblos, some of which can take up to 12 hours to get to! 

In Ecuador, missionaries are helping to serve under one parish made up of 70 small communities. Some of these can only be reached by hiking or canoeing. Missionaries are helping meet the material needs of the poor by building chapels and homes, visiting the sick and elderly, or helping locals with crops. They are also inviting the people of the communities to celebrate mass and pray with them.

The missions in Asia require FMC to be sensitive about communication with what they are doing and where they are. For this reason, there are not as many details, but the general mission remains the same: serve the spiritual and material needs of the poor.

Why are you doing this?

I have been thinking about travelling and serving others for years now. I’ve always loved the feeling of giving myself wholly to help other people—whether that be helping my classmates with homework or organizing the making of blessing bags to pass out to the homeless in the community. After a trip to Peru my junior year of high school, I decided foreign service work was for me. Then, during college, I got involved with ramCatholic and grew deeper in my faith. After graduating college, I had the opportunity to drop everything and go serve. FMC is the perfect combination of foreign service work and serving God.

Where are you now?

I am currently living with a team of single women in Pucacaca, a small town of about 3,000 people in the San Martin Region. The San Martin Region is located in the North of Peru in the Amazon Basin which means lots of green vegetation and yummy fruits!

San Martin is the region outlined in red. The heart within that region is where I live.

Why do you fundraise instead of receiving a stipend from the organization or getting a job at your post?

FMC is a non-profit organization which means that we rely on donations. For this reason, each missionary is responsible for raising his or her own “salary.” A small portion of the money we raise goes to help support the missions base, Big Woods, located in Louisiana. The staff at Big Woods do amazing work to support the missionaries in the field and often work overtime to do so.

Fundraising allows each missionary to work full-time in the mission. Getting a job at a post would take away time that could be spent preaching the Gospel and serving the poor. Additionally, getting a job would mean taking away an opportunity for a poor family to support themselves. 

Fundraising also allows people who can’t move to another country to join the mission. I think St. Teresa of Calcutta said it best: 

“Some give by going, others go by giving.”

Mother Teresa in her mission serving the poor through the Missionaries of Charity had prayer warriors–people who could not enter the field due to physical or mental ailments but had the heart of a missionary. These people were still Missionaries of Charity and just as much a part of the mission as the people walking the streets. Similarly, people who pray for us in our post and support us financially are just as much a part of the mission as the missionaries in the field. 

How can I help?

In order to serve the poor full time and be fully present to them, I need to be fully funded. I am looking for monthly supporters to help the mission flourish. Currently, I need to reach a monthly goal of $1500/ month. If you would like to join my team, you can contact me at rachelsharn@familymissionscompany.com. You can also go to https://www.familymissionscompany.com/project/rsharn/ to donate. All donations are tax deductible.

Finally, if you cannot contribute financially or if you want to do more, we need prayer warriors! Prayer is just as important as financial support because we are fighting a battle for souls! Please do not be afraid to reach out with prayer petitions of your own 🙂