My name is Rachel Sharn and I was born in Cincinnati, OH. I grew up Catholic and attended a Catholic grade school but didn’t truly know God until much later. When I was 16, I had the wonderful opportunity to move to Colorado with my family where my passion for adventure flourished. I then decided to attend Colorado State University after finishing up high school where God began working in my heart. After attending a retreat, I joined ramCatholic where I found a community with an indescribable joy — a joy that was not present anywhere else. I began regularly attending a few Bible studies and creating a prayer life. Slowly, God revealed Himself to me and placed the idea of foreign mission on my heart. I was hesitant and fearful. How could I leave my family and friends to go somewhere completely unknown? God knew foreign mission work was a scary “yes” at first so He opened doors for me to experience serving others in my local community. I joined a service committee with my church and volunteered to staff retreats. Through all of this I was humbled and filled with peace to witness the work God was doing through His faithful servants.

I found Family Missions Company when friends and family mentioned the organization as a possible opportunity. After much research, prayer, and discernment, I know this is where God wants me to be.

After finishing up Intake (missionary training) in January of 2019, I was sent to the Amazon Basin of Peru where I am currently serving the people with both material and spiritual poverty. I ask that you please keep me and the people of Peru in your prayers as we walk this epic journey with God.

In order to serve God and His people full time, I fundraise my salary. The mission would not be possible without financial and prayer support! If you are interested in joining my support team, go to my bio page.

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