Misión de México

We made it to Mexico and I can’t help but laugh with joy for my life here so far.

The single women missionaries are all staying in an apartment on a hill that’s about a ten-minute walk away from the main mission house in General Cepeda. It’s very simple and serves us well. Behind our apartment is a cement wall and behind the cement wall is a cohort of animals including, but not limited to: a very loud donkey, a rooster that so kindly starts crowing at 5am, and a turkey that can’t stand to be left out of the conversation. It’s quite hilarious.

The very first day we arrived in Mexico, I went to take a shower. Unfortunately, the apartment we are staying in didn’t have hot water since the gas hadn’t been turned on, yet (we have hot water now, praise God!). It was so cold that I could only stick my head in the stream of water. I was probably being a little more of a baby about it than I needed to be, but I was grumpy when I stepped out of the shower. As I turned around and looked out our bathroom window over the cement wall, I saw a cow staring back at me. That changed my attitude right away and I couldn’t help but laugh. It was like God was saying, “Hey, it’s all good. Look, I sent you a cow to say hello.”

One of the main ministries here is visiting Ranchos surrounding General Cepeda. Ranchos are small farming communities made up of one or multiple families trying to live off the land. These communities are facing so much poverty since many families don’t have the money to upkeep the land and their children are leaving to seek out a different lifestyle. We visit these communities to bring communion services and prayer services to their chapel.

One of the long-term missionary families that has been here for about a year has created relationships with a Rancho called Kilometer 64. Here, the people struggle to bring in sufficient income to survive. Many of the women have taken up prostitution to support themselves. However, the missionaries formed a Bible study and have helped the women create a new source of income by teaching them how to sew bags to sell.

Some of the missionaries-in-training visited KM 64 this past week. After the Bible study where approximately 15 women from the Rancho came, everyone went outside the small chapel into the cool desert evening. I and a couple other single women missionaries along with some missionary children started playing with the kids from the community. Soon, we were playing hopscotch, spinning in circles, and racing each other. Others prayed over the adults in the community and even some of the men from the Rancho came to see what was happening (many men in Ranchos don’t come to Bible studies, prayer, or communion services and choose to stay in their homes).

It’s only been a week and I have already seen so much of God’s work in the people here. This upcoming week we all find out our mission posts. Please pray for us that we can receive our posts with joy and peace wherever we are placed. Until next time, Dios te bendiga (God bless)!


Cow at one of the Ranchos we visited


“Mama”- one of the stray dogs in General Cepeda. She’s super friendly and likes to follow us around town. It was hard to get a decent picture of her because she kept moving. This was the best I could do.


La Capilla de Milagros in Saltillo


La Capilla de Milagros


Playing with the kids and spinning them in the air at KM 64 after Bible study.


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